Rotterdam Snapshots

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On a very rainy saturday , Le boyfriend and I went to Rotterdam. 20 bucks and 37 minutes and we were there. To be honest, I don’t think we will be going back anytime soon, at least not without a specific reason. It was kind of depressing to see how empty the (rainy) streets were on the last weekend before Christmas, so we spent our time mostly in cafe’s, restaurants and museums. We actually did quite a lot: 2 coffeebreaks, lunch, dinner, drinks, a little windowshopping (meh), an exposition called The Road to Van Eyck (meh), one about architect Louis Kahn (great stuff) and we visited the Sonneveld house.

The National Architecture Institute did a great job on the expo on Louis Kahn. I have to be honest here,  I didn’t know the guy. He’s what the boyfriend calls an Architect’s architect, and is often named together with the likes of Le Corbusier, Wright and Mies Van Der Rohe. I have to say his work was really inspiring and I was happy to discover it.

The Sonneveld house was great too, this thirties Functionalist house had a crazy amount of technological bits and bobs, and has been restored in its former glory with great accuracy. Great for a girl like me who loves to wander around in the past.

Hopper, great place for coffee/ tea/ cake. More on this later!


(Prefer the one in Amsterdam, but this was pretty nice as well.)

NAI(Sorry to say the Louis Kahn expo ended January 6th.)

Sonneveld house



That’s all folks…Tomorrow I’ll be on my way to Paris with my mom for the tradeshows. Can’t wait!

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