The Story of Her shoes #2 : Absolutely Mrs K.

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I’m wondering if the ab fab Mrs K even needs an intro, but let’s throw one in for good measure. Absolutely Mrs K. actually goes by Kim Deboes in real life and is the most amazing and eccentric lady you’ll ever meet. She has an eye for mixing and matching the unexpected and is never too shy to conduct a wardrobe experiment. Oh and she blogs too! I was astonished when I read that for a fashion lover, Mrs K. actually owns “only” 20 pairs of shoes. Making the most out of the pretty things she owns, we like!

Louboutin booties.

“I have to fall crazy in love with a pair of shoes (don’t care how crazy they look) or they have to be practical, like my Zanotti wedge sneakers. I don’t own that many pairs of shoes, 20. I buy two pairs of shoes each season (one piece of art and one practical pair). So I do not have a huge collection.

Zanotti Wedge Sneakers.

If I want shoes, I will have them! I buy a lot of shoes in NYC and that is not a good plan, European brands are more expensive there but i can’t help myself! The craziest thing I ever did was buying a pair of Chanel boots for my mother! We have the same size (so we do wear shoes together) but her legs are pretty thin. Not easy to find boots that fit around her calf. I saw the most prefect pair of chanel boots at Bergdorf in NYC, but I wasn’t convinced right away. So I went to the Chanel store right across the street. I tried them on, but hesitated (the price oh the price). The day after I went to the Chanel store in Soho. It was around noon, I called my mother (6AM in Belgium) and I told her about the fact that I had found the most perfect boots for her. She said: “go for it!”. They cost a fortune but they are the best investment ever! We still wear them and they still look like new!

Miu Miu x2.

Miu Miu is my favorite brand when it comes to shoes because I am always starstruck when I see their new collection. Every season they create the shoes of the moment and it is always so refreshing to see what they have come up with: spot on, quirky, whimsical, new and very very interesting.

Marc Jacobs boots.

For a few years now I am completely into military boots. If I could I would wear them all the time. they are perfect with jeans, leggings and even dresses, as long as you combine them the right way! I have to admit that during the day I wear practical shoes, but always with a twist.

Favorite Miu Miu’s.

My favorite pair of shoes? My orange Miu Miu’s! I fell in love with them right away. They look so quirky and different! People always react pretty funnily when I wear them, they do stand out! They are the perfect elongation of my eclectic style. Those Miu Miu’s always transport me back to the 60`s, but in a way they are very modern and new! To me it is one of the most unique pairs of shoes in the world.”

Alexander Wang.

Opening Ceremony.

Sergio Rossi Boots.


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All pictures by Absolutely Mrs K.

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