An ode to the Master

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I don’t know if I say it nearly as much as I should here on the blog, but my favorite designer is one that’s very close to home. From my house, it’s a three minute walk to get to his store, which is quite litterally a fashion palace (the store is called Het Modepaleis, the Dutch translation). I could run into him on the street all the time, but I never do. And if I had to pick only one designer to wear all my life, it would be him.

I’m talking about Dries van Noten, who time and time again has surprised me with his mouthwathering designs. To me it’s all about the perfect balance. Dries always knows how to combine masculine and feminine, eclectic an minimal. The proportions in his designs are always right. And it’s wearable.

I remember the moment when I saw his Spring/Summer 2009 collection. I was absolutely mesmerized by his collection and it’s the first time that I really HAD to have something. That just was a thing of pure beauty, and I still think about it when getting dressed in the morning. The same goes for Fall 2009.

Quite a few seasons went by, and allthough I still adore him, I wasn’t as gobsmacked by his work as back in 2008 until yesterday. Who knew you could wear plaid like that! I know the nineties had to come back, and I’m so happy they came back like this. Grunge influences have never been more feminine. That’s probably the work of the faded florals there, apparently inspired by the Lucian Freud retrospective in London. A show like this is what sparks my love for fashion: expect the unexpected. Amazing.

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