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I’ve been so eager to post this for a while now and the moment is finally here! I’m so proud to show you the pictures of the renewed Garde-Robe Nationale in Antwerp. The design of the store was done by the most amazing architect I know, Dieter Vander Velpen, a.k.a. my boyfriend. My biased opinion aside, please do see for yourself how his first solo project turned out!

The shop consists of two radically different parts. The entrance of the store is bright white, while the area around and leading up to the fitting rooms is all dark wood. The two parts are sliced diagonally from ceiling to floor, creating a dramatic yet playful atmosphere.

I like the fact that the wooden blocks in the middle of the space are loose and interchangeable, it adds a dynamic touch to the design. But what I love most is the use of copper throughout the shop. In the clothing racks, the cash register and in the blocks. The dramatic and luxurious feel of the space makes me feel right at home. If Dieter does half as good a job as he did on this designing our house, I will be one happy lady!

When we’re not talking architecture, Garde-Robe Nationale is still a must see when you’re in Antwerp. The shop carries brands like Tim Van Steenbergen, Humanoid, Sandrina Fasoli, Just in Case and Magdalena. If you’re lucky you can bump into Magdalena’s fabulous designer Nathalie Lachat in store. She will have you walking out of the shop with your new favorite outfit in no time.

Place to be?

Nationalestraat 72
2000 Antwerp

All pictures by Thomas De Bruyne.

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  • Absolutelymrsk
    September 19, 2012

    i love it! and ik ben nog altijd compleet weg van dat geometrisch vlak en nu zie ik het van twee kanten (had dat dus nog niet door dat het twee verschillende effecten gaf) en het ziet er grandioos uit!

  • Marijs
    September 19, 2012

    Het is so so very pretty! Awesome job!

  • Selina
    September 19, 2012

    Je mag zeker en vast fier zijn!Wat knap gedaan zeg en origineel!

  • Born in 86
    September 20, 2012

    Looks great! Dat zeteltje achteraan vind ik geweldig. Ik hou van retroaccenten in een interieur.. Het contrast tussen dat licht en donker geeft een heel leuke sfeer. En dan heb ik het nog niet over de verlichting gehad. ..

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