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Be prepared for total madness today,  I am going to a concert of Paul McCartney tonight and I am totally freaking out. Ever since my boyfriend booked the tickets as a Valentines day present, I have been looking forward to this so much. In all honesty, I will behave like a teenager, and at some point, I probably will be crying. I know it’s silly, but I’ve been a fan of The Beatles for over ten years now. They’re my alltime favorites, and I can’t imagine that changing anytime soon. Or ever.

Paul is my favorite Beatle. John was just too much of a rebel for me. George was too much into sitars. And Ringo, well, he’s Ringo. I do truly believe that the chemistry between the four of them was crucial. But still, if I had to pick one Beatle, it would be Paul. Somehow, I never thought I’d see him preform. But today is the day I’ll see Sir Paul McCartney in the flesh. Here’s to hoping I won’t have a heart attack before the old man does.

I thought this would be the perfect moment to share some of my favorite band snaps. Oh and by the way, if you’re interested: Shout! by Philip Norman is a biography on the Beatles I really enjoyed (Even though the author is clearly a Lennon kinda guy). Judging on the reviews, it’s apparently a love or hate kind of book, but I found it to be really inspiring. Reads like a novel and I think it’s a decent introduction for those who want to get the basics on the fab four. I may be blinded by my beatlemania, but I think their story is an amazing lesson in perseverance. As you may or may not know, it took quite some time for the fab four to become the band they were. But they never gave up. And thank God for that.