Step into my bedroom

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Last week, Flair Magazine published an article where they looked into the bedrooms of three Flemish women. Apparently, the bedroom is something a lot of their readers find difficult to decorate, so enter the inspiration! My bedroom was featured, and becauseĀ  I’ve been babbling on about my new flat and decorating, I thought it would be nice to share the pictures with you. The room is filled with things I “inherited” from my mom and grandparents, as well as some treasures from flea markets etc… I am a sucker for anything with a story behind it. Here goes…

I store my jewellery in old jars. They’re cheap, easy to find and bring a little bit of order in the chaos. I like to mix things up, so since the shoot these jars have been moved into my dressing… The frameworks hold postcards from places that are dear to me. I collect them like crazy. One book is from London and one a gift from Marijs. The candle is from Rituals and the box from La Fille d’O.

The dressing table is from my mom’s old bedroom and matches the bed. They’re pieces from the store that my grandmother used to own, as is the drawing in the golden frame. The knobs on the drawers are new. I got them from this website, but you can get some great ones at Anthropologie as well. The chair is from the Kloosterstraat in Antwerp, the hand mirror from the Antique Market in Tongeren, the postcard and fashion illustration from London, the jars from Barcelona and… Ikea.

The suitcase almost falls apart but it is great storage (thanks grandma). The bedside table is from our local thrift store, the candle holders were a gift from my (awesome) college friends and the frame is from a London market. The bedspread used to be my grandmother’s as well.

Pictures by Karel Daems. Big thanks to Kirsten Ginckels for making it such a nice article.

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