Platner Arm Chair Inspiration

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Platner Arm Chair Inspiration // Gold


hen I first started to “learn” about design, my favorite chair was Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair. I liked the lines and the fact that Barcelona was my favorite city seemed to be quite fitting, so I’d imagine one day having a black leather Barcelona chair in my living room. Since then I’ve discovered that the chairs aren’t all that comfy, and although I still love the pavilion they were made for, I don’t like the chair all that much anymore.

Since then, I’ve had a lot of chair crushes, ranging from affordable to “keep dreaming”. And one of my ultimate “must get my hands on it someday” crushes is definitely Platner’s arm chair. I only recently discovered Knoll released the chair in gold, which is the way Platner intended it when he designed it in 1966, but there was no technology to produce it yet. Well now there is, and behold: it is perfect. Not only the gold version looks good though, I’d take the chair in polished nickel any day. How about you? Do you have any expensive chair crushes?

Platner Arm Chair Inspiration // gold

Barcelona in Pink

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Barcelona in Pink - Visual travel diary via


loved editing Cuba In Pink back in october, so I wanted to follow up on that post with all the pretty pink things I spotted in Barcelona. Barcelona’s pink is much less pastel than Cuba’s pink, more subdued and leaning towards terracotta. Hope you like it!

Barcelona in Pink - Visual travel diary via

Barcelona in Pink - Visual travel diary via

DIY Stamped Napkins

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DIY Stamped Napkins -


 came across some beautiful Serena & Lily napkins on Pinterest a while back but they were sold out (plus the shipping and taxes from the USA would probably cost me more than the napkins themselves). Soooo I decided to stamp some napkins myself for an extra touch. They are loosely inspired by the Serena & Lily ones, but painted in stead of embroidered to make things easier. Here’s how I made them!

Villa Cavrois

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Villa Cavrois, Croix / Lille -via


hose of you who follow me on Instagram have probably seen a few snaps of Villa Cavrois appear in my feed. A couple of weeks ago Dieter and I jumped in the car for a day trip to this magnificent Art Deco gem near Lille, France.

It was a sunny and beautiful day, and we were lucky enough to beat the crowds. The beautiful house is so big it is actually registered as a castle, but not like the ones we are used to in Europe. The modern day palace was built by French architect Robert Mallet-Stevens for the family of industrial Paul Cavrois in 1932, but was nearly completely gutted by the end of the last century. The place had been occupied by the German army during world war 2, afterwards it was looted and vandalized, there were trees growing indoors and part of the facade crumbled.

Luckily, the French government recognized this property was quite something. In 1990, the villa was registered as a  monument, in 2001 it became government property and slowly but surely, renovations began to restore Villa Cavrois to its former glory. It took 13 years an unbelievable amount of research and 23 million euros but last year, Villa Cavrois opened its doors to the public. It now looks exactly the way it did in 1932.

Villa Cavrois, Croix / Lille -via

Home Renovation: Pink Closet Reveal

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Home Renovation: Pink Closet Reveal


 could hardly wait to share this post with all of you, because I worked so damn hard to paint this room and ta-daaa, it’s done! Well, almost. I’ve installed new lighting and I still want a blue carpet and we’re still adding custom brass pulls on the drawers. I’ll  surely share an update once that’s done! If you’re looking for a budget friendly brass spotlight, we picked this one and it looks far better than expected! The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Back to the current situation. After a loooong week of priming and painting, everything still needed to find its place, and before I knew it, I’ve been on this project, sleeping in our office for two weeks. Our home is pretty much still a mess, but the closet looks good. Have a look!

10 Brass Pendant Lights Under €100

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Bruno Tarsia interior for Marie Claire Maison // Brass pendant lights by Vilhelm Lauritzen for Louis Poulsen

Interior by Bruno Tarsia for Marie Claire Maison, via Scandinavian Collectors.

While the boyfriend and I are planning to splurge (in time) on lighting in the living and dining area, we have to be realistic: not every room can get the royal treatment. Of course I’d prefer the dreamy lights designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen above, but after waking up to a a hole in the ceiling with a lightbulb dangling from it for about a year and a half, I really really really want to hang a proper lamp. Something simple and elegant. So I browsed the internet and I rounded up 10 budget friendly brass pendant lights, in case you’re looking for one too. Which one do you prefer?

PS: Don’t forget to enter the Farrow & Ball giveaway! You can still win your favourite paint colour until tomorrow night!

10 Fun Facts about Jane The Virgin

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10 fun facts about Jane The Virgin

So, I have to be honest about it. I think the title of this show was holding me back for the longest time to start watching it. And when I heard what the show was about, a 23 year old virgin being accidentally inseminated during a visit to her doctor, I thought “no way!”.  But when my friend Nathalie told me one weekend that she was binge watching the show my interest was sparked. And so, when I saw Jane The Virgin appear on Netflix, I gave the woman a chance and oh was I happy that I did! The funny dialogues and the telenovela drama has been exactly what I’ve been missing ever since Ugly Betty went off the air. (Which reminds me, I really like Eva Longoria’s new show Telenovela as well, do check it out!) Since I started watching, I’ve converted many a friend to team Jane myself, and because Jane The Virgin seemed like a show that has a lot of fun facts, I couldn’t wait to start digging! So here they are:

My Favourite New Colour + Farrow & Ball Giveaway!

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Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue moodboard

As I announced in my previous post, I’m upto my elbows in Farrow & Ball paint myself, working hard on our closet space. But there’s also some fun news for you guys! Farrow & Ball just released nine fabulous new colours, and you can win a one of these beautiful premium wall colours for your own home. Read on to learn how!

Home Renovation: Closet Progress

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Home Renovation: Closet ProgressThere is one room in our house that hasn’t made it to the blog in the 1,5 years we’ve had our home, and it is one of the rooms we’ve had the biggest plans for from the start: our dressing room. As you could see here, our previous rental apartment had a pretty sweet built in closet already, and I can tell you this: it’s not easy going back after that. Also, yes I know I have a lot of shoes, and yes, I have a lot of clothes and nope, there’s no way this would all fit in a regular closet.

So with the help of pen, paper and sketch up, the architect boyfriend and I designed a wardrobe to fit our needs, in a small room without windows, adjacent to our bedroom. Today I’m showing you what it has looked like from the day we moved in. The bones are there, but if you only knew what we have in mind. I’ve had my plans mapped out for so long that I’m getting just a tad impatient, but have been putting it off because it will be such a big job. I need to move all my clothes out of the room, we won’t be able to sleep in our bedroom, and it will take quite some time to paint all the little nooks.

But now I’ve partnered up with Farrow & Ball for a wonderful collaboration, so I’ll finally be starting the project soon! They have just the right colour I’ve been dreaming of. I’ve already tested the shade on my walls and it looks goooood. Can you guess the direction we’ll be going in?

For now, I’m leaving you with these quick pictures of the before and current state of our messy & badly lit dressing room. Keep an eye out on the blog, because you’ll also have the chance to win some Farrow & Ball paint for your own home very soon!