Cuba in Pink

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Cuba in pink // Colourful travel pictures via


hen I was still blogging on Ella & Louise, some of my favorite posts were focussed around color moodboards (like here and here). I recently dove back into my archives and realized that since I’ve been focussed more on creating content myself, I don’t really do this anymore, but I still like the idea. Our Cuba pictures seemed like a great place to reboot this type of visual inspiration posts again. So here you have it: Cuba in pink.

Cuba in pink // Colourful travel pictures via

Rose Gold

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Knitted Cardigan and rose gold details via


e’ve been having some glorious Indian summer days here in Antwerp the past week, so I’ve been soaking up some vitamin D before fall and winter turn into one big grey mess of cold, rain and slush with no beginning and no end.

On saturday, the boyfriend and I went for a late breakfast in our neighborhood after a friend’s wedding, and you guessed it right, this is what I wore. Easy basics and some rose gold details on my Sacha sneakers and Alexander Wang bag. We’ve also moved some stuff around in our house this weekend, creating some more space and throwing out some things we didn’t need.

Those of you who know me, know I’m quite the hoarder collector, and I tend to have a hard time letting go of things with sentimental value, and to me that’s almost everything. Movie stubs, books, magazines, especially clothes. But with everything that’s been going on the past few months, I’ve felt I really needed some purging and changes on every level. There’s a little preview of our living room on my Instagram, right here, and I’ll write an update soon. I always notice in my stats how interested you guys are in the home renovation posts ;). Have a happy week!

Knitted Cardigan and rose gold details via

Home Renovation: Terrace Update

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2015-05-11 11.30.58kopie


efore fall really gets going, I wanted to show you the changes we made to our terrace. Apart from the doors  and ceiling needing a lick of paint, a lamp and a new tabletop, our little piece of heaven is pretty much finished.

Home Renovation: Terrace Update via

I grew up on the countryside in a house with a big garden, so when we started looking for an apartment to buy, a small outside space was definitely on the wishlist. Our terrace isn’t big, but spacious enough to enjoy summer dinners, it has direct sunlight in the afternoon and most of all it’s pretty quiet. We live on a busy street with lots of traffic but our terrace is at the back, enclosed by buildings that are luckily far away and allow ample light.

Fall Favorites

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Sleeveless coat, fall colours


ep, fall has officially landed in Belgium. Meanwhile, I still have outfits from tropical Cuba and New York lined up and an update on my terrace that is waiting to be posted. Yes, I’m definitely running behind, but maybe I can prolong summer just a bit this way.

For me, the only nice thing about dropping temperatures is wearing new season clothes, like my new sleeveless coat, sneakers and statement necklace. Here’s an outfit I wore yesterday, captured by my dear friend Sarah, definitely oozing the spirit of fall.

Sleeveless coat, Copper Keds, fall colours

DIY: How to paint your designer bag

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DIY: How to paint your designer bag // Repainting leather Proenza Schouler PS1

So, back in 2011 I spent a decent amount of cash on a Proenza Schouler PS1 keepall in the beautiful shade Midnight Blue. I remember the whole experience like it was yesterday. From contemplating what model I should buy to clutching the Harvey Nichols bag while riding the tube on the way home (I lived in London at the time). I must say I was quite disappointed when my dream bag started fading only a couple of months after my purchase. The beautiful blue hue slowly but surely turned into an unappealing, uneven grey.

When I went back to the store about 18 months after I bought the PS1 (I no longer lived in London by then), they told me this was normal and there was not a lot they could do due to the fact I’d had the bag for “such a long time”. I don’t know about you, but the reasons I pay a premium for a designer bag is the fact that it a) will last a long time and b) I will get good service when something needs fixing. Neither of those things were part of the package here, so I was not happy.

Fast forward to 2015, when my beloved bag was gathering more dust than any other item in my closet. My PS1 looked shabby and used, even though I hadn’t used it anywhere near as much as I’d liked. So I felt I had little to lose and started thinking about having the bag repainted. But, because I’m crazy like that, I wanted to try it myself first, and if it wouldn’t work out, I’d just have it painted black.

The risk paid off, and it turned out to be a whole lot easier than expected.

Lucky me, my risk paid off, and it turned out to be a whole lot easier than expected. Let me take you trough the process.

A beautiful California Bungalow by Amber Interiors

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Eclectic California bungalow by amber interiors


n general, Amber Lewis designs interiors that are right up my alley, and this California bungalow is definitely one of my favorites. The bright rooms with eclectic accents, the great balance of midcentury and modern elements, the natural elements, the bohemian feel… It all just feels so homely and cosy. I especially like the black and white bathroom with gold and wood accents (and I’d love it even more if the faucet handles were placed straight). Lovely.
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Varadero Beach

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Varadero Beach - Leaf print kaftan //


i guys, starting september with a throwback to my summer trip to Cuba. These pictures were taken the first day we arrived in Varadero. It was late in the afternoon and we just couldn’t wait to go dip our toes in that crystal clear water. I have to say I thought I’d be bouncing off the walls by day three in a place like Varadero, but our stay in the Royalton Hicacos there was pure bliss. The rest was more than needed.

While I was preparing for the trip I noticed my wardrobe was in no way holiday proof, especially not for a three week trip to a hot, humid country. The downside of living in Belgium I guess? Luckily, you don’t need much when you’re living the good life in a country like Cuba. Denim shorts, a couple of tops and dresses and a beach cover up like this Kaftan. I actually snatched this kaftan from my mother’s wardrobe (well, she gave it to me to take on the trip) and I wish I could just walk around in flowy stuff like this all year. How long do we have to wait until it’s summer again?

Varadero Beach - Leaf print kaftan // noglitternoglory.comVaradero Beach - beach accessories //

Our 3 week Cuba trip: Photo Diary

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Cuba picture diary // Havana - via


s I’m writing this, I’m still in full denial, watching Dirty Dancing Havana Nights but grabbing George for cuddles every time I have the chance and yelling CUBA! We just got back from little over 3 weeks on the island, and the place was as magical and weird and beautiful as I’d imagined.

So I thought I’d go trough the 2000+ pictures we took on our journey to make a small selection to share and ended up with almost 60. But the thing with Cuba is, that even when things are “ugly”, they are actually still beautiful. Have a look!

Cuba picture diary // Havana - via

Cuba picture diary // Havana - via

The Pause Button

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Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


i guys, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted my last blog entry. The truth is I’ve opened my WordPress backend a couple of times, more or less out of habit, but have resisted the urge to actually write and publish. I’ve been blogging for the better part of the last ten years, so I kind of forgot how not to.
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